Sensei Folu Owolabi

Folu Owolabi is an instructor with the heart of a teacher.

He adapts his teaching to the student’s learning style and brings out the genius in you and your child.


His passion for the martial arts was ignited in childhood, when he watched Bruce Lee do amazing moves and overcome great obstacles. Video games like Nintendo’s Street Fighter II Turbo also played a role – his favorite character was Ken, a Karateka.

In University, Folu practiced Taekwondo until the quest for higher grades temporarily put his martial art vocation on hold, until NYSC when he practiced Shito Ryu. Work priorities then put the dream on hold for a season until after his MBA. The dream never died.


A few years later, by the Divine Hand, he met the legendary Sensei Alfred Ohimain, and started training in the fine art of Shotokan Karate. While juggling an intense work schedule and family life, Folu diligently practised Shotokan Karate and used the art as a healthy means to de-stress and nurture a spirit of resilience.


He developed sound technique under the watchful eyes of Sensei Alfred and rose rapidly through the belts. Fun Fact: he double-graded (a rare feat) in the journey to Black Belt.

Folu subsequently earned his Nidan from the Karate Union of Great Britain, examined by Sensei Andy Sherry and Frank Brennan.


He trains students to be strong, resilient conquerors and often asserts, “When the body is tired, the mind must be strong!” His students thus gain supreme confidence and often become leaders among their peers.


Folu is aware of the rigours of modern executive life and relates with professionals with empathy honed from experience. That way, he helps professionals overcome stress and burnout, and re-energise, while developing black belt proficiency in the fine art of Karate.